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Please read the Terms and Conditions statement thoroughly before proceeding. The following govern your access to and use of our website, products, services etc. By clicking ‘I Agree’ the USER agrees to be bound by them.

Use of and access to the Application/Website is offered to You upon the condition of acceptance of all the terms, conditions and notices contained in this Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, along with any amendments made by ‘Shopsapp’ at its sole discretion and posted on the Application/Website from time to time.

For the purposes of these Terms of Use, the term "Shopsapp" or "Us" or "We" refers to Inventlabs Innovations Private Limited. The Users, Delivery Partners, Merchants shall together hereinafter be referred to as “You”, “Your” or “Yourself”.

The term "You" refers to the user or visitor of the Website and/or Application. When You use our services, You will be subject to the terms, guidelines and policies applicable to such service and as set forth in these Terms of Use. As long as you comply with these Terms of Use, We grant You a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited privilege to enter and use our Application/ Website and services.

The Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion to make change or modifications to these Terms and Conditions at any time for any reason whatsoever. The Changes made to the Terms and Conditions will be alerted to the user and right of specific notification of each and every change is waived by the user. The User will be deemed to be aware of and to have accepted any changes in the revised Terms and Conditions by the User’s continued use of the site after such changes are posted.

By using the site, User/s hereby Represents and Warrants that:-

  1. All information that he/she submits for using the site shall be true, accurate and correct.
  2. User/s shall update such registration information as and when required so as to maintain it’s accuracy.
  3. User/s shall use the site only as per directions given by the company.


    1. Only Individuals with age 18 or above are eligible and competent to use the Application/Website. However, they can use it under strict guidance from guardians.
    2. The user/s hereby understands that only one ID for an individual with Phone number, Email ID, Bank Account, PAN shall be allowed, the same documents shall not be used for any other individual.
    3. I/We hereby declare and affirm that being the user, he/she is fully aware of the nature of business of the company and this application/website shall be used for serving it’s business purposes only.
    4. I/We hereby agree/s to register in this Application/Website for activities related to delivery of necessary items/articles to the public as per the terms and conditions of the company.
    5. I/We hereby agree/s that all the applicable terms and conditions as agreed between me/us and the company shall be followed.
    6. I/We hereby agrees and acknowledges that the company shall not be responsible for any damages to the items/articles transferred.
    7. I/We shall agree that all transactions shall be made vide cash on delivery only.
    8. The company shall not be responsible for any legal issues that arise due to any fault/damages to the articles/items transferred.
    9. I/We personally agree and understand that it is my/our personal responsibility to pay the tax and the tax must be paid for the development of the country.
    10. I/We agree with absolute consciousness that the Company deserve all rights to freeze My account or to recall the same, or transfer to another person, without my/our consent in the event of any actions or verbatim or campaign from my/our side against the company interest, policy or work.
    11. I/We agree that I/We shall abide and comply with the rules and regulations of the company, Members are responsible for any legal proceeding that is arise out of any activities without the consent of them Company.
    12. I/We understand and agree that GST shall be applicable for the transactions as per the provision of Goods and Services Tax Act.
    13. I/We understand that the Company assumes no responsibility for the use of the application/website in any manner as not stated by the Company.
    14. The User/s agree to keep the account password confidential and shall be responsible for all use of the account and password. The company reserves the right to change or remove a username if the company determines, in it’s sole discretion that such username is inappropriate, obscene or objectionable in any manner.
    15. The User/s shall not access the site other than those purposes as determined by the company. The site shall not be used for any other commercial purpose other than those specifically endorsed or approved by the company.
  3. The data or contents of the application/website shall be the ‘Intellectual Property’ of the company only. No user/s shall use it’s contents for any other use. If any user/s makes use of the company’s data then, the company shall be forced to take appropriate actions against the particular user/s.

  5. The user/s of this application/website hereby agrees that the use of the same will be at his/her sole risk. The company does not make any warranty or representation about the accuracy about the app/site’s content. The user may carry out his/her own means to verify the same. The company will not assume any liability or responsibility for any error, mistake, damages etc. that might be caused to the user/s due to the usage of the site.

  7. The Company or it’s employees shall not be liable to a user/s for any loss that might be caused to him/her while using the application/website.

  9. Due to any event, accidents, acts or omission beyond its control, the company or any of it’s employees shall not be liable to any user/s for the losses/damages cause to him/her while using the application/website.

  11. The Services are not available to minors i.e. persons under the age of 18 years (unless they use the application/website under strict guidance of guardians) or to any Users suspended or removed by us from accessing the Application/Website for any reason whatsoever. You represent that You are of legal age to form a binding contract and are not a person barred from receiving using or availing Services under the applicable laws.

  13. The company reserves the right to terminate an account of any user/s if it finds that the particular user violates any policy of the company. The company does have the right to deny access to the application/website to any user/s for any reason if it finds that the particular user has breached any covenants contained in terms mentioned in this agreement or in any agreement executed between the company and the user/s. You agree that any violation by You of these Terms of Use will constitute an unlawful and unfair business practice, and will cause irreparable harm to the Company, as the case may be, for which monetary damages would be inadequate, and You consent to the Company obtaining any injunctive or equitable relief that they deem necessary or appropriate in such circumstances. These remedies are in addition to any other remedies that the Company may have at law or in equity. If Company takes any legal action against You as a result of Your violation of these Terms of Use, they will be entitled to recover from You, and You agree to pay, all reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs of such action, in addition to any other relief that may be granted.

  15. We may also require You to follow additional rules, guidelines or other conditions in order to participate in certain promotions or activities available through the Application/Website. These additional terms shall form a part of this Terms of Use, and You agree to comply with them when You participate in those promotions, or otherwise engage in activities governed by such additional terms.

  17. You hereby expressly agree to receive communications by way of SMSs and/or e-mails from us, or other third parties. You can unsubscribe/ opt-out from receiving communications through SMS and e-mail anytime by contacting us for the same. However, You may still receive communications from our end with respect to Your use of the our Service.

  19. These Terms of Use are subject to modifications at any time. We reserve the right to modify or change these Terms of Use and other policies at any time by posting changes on the Application/Website, and you shall be liable to update yourself of such changes, if any, by accessing the changes on the Application/Website. You shall, at all times, be responsible for regularly reviewing the Terms of Use and the other policies and note the changes made on the Application/Website. Your continued usage of the services after any change is posted constitutes your acceptance of the amended Terms of Use and other policies. As long as you comply with these Terms of Use, we grant you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited privilege to access, enter, and use the Application/Website. By accepting these Terms of Use, you also accept and agree to be bound by the other terms and conditions and policies (including but not limited to Cancellation & Refund Policy, Privacy Policy and Notice and Take Down Policy) as may be posted on the Application/website from time to time.

  21. We process information provided by you to us in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

  23. These Terms of Use are governed by the laws of India. In case of any dispute, the same shall be referred to a sole arbitrator appointed by the company and his decision shall be final and will be binding on the parties. Any action, suit, or other legal proceeding, which is commenced to resolve any matter arising under or relating to this Application/Website, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts at Trivandrum, India.

  25. These terms of use and any policies or operating rules posted by us on the site constitute an agreement and understanding between the user and the company. The company shall not be responsible or liable for any loss, damage, delay etc. which are beyond our control caused to the user/s while using the site.

  27. Please contact us for any questions or comments (including all inquiries unrelated) regarding this Application/Website.